Professional Garage Builders in Ohio

Custom Garage Construction Services

Miami Valley Garage Builders has more than 35 years of experience in garage construction as custom garage builders serving Springfield and the greater central Ohio region. Our custom garage builders can add value to your home or create a designated space for storage, an area for your car or a home shop for tools and projects. Since 2004, Miami Valley Garage has been creating aesthetically pleasing custom-made garages that fit the style of your home and meet your parking or storage needs with our custom designs.

If your home doesn’t have an attached garage, having a new garage added gives you a space where you can keep your car cool and sheltered during sweltering and stormy summers and provides a protected and snow-free space for your vehicle in the winter season. A custom garage construction can also meet your around-the-house needs, whether you need a tailor-made workspace for your many projects or a purpose-built space with storage for your lawn and snow equipment.

When you work with our team of experts to create a garage that suits all of your needs, you can add any features that you’re looking for. Choose additional storage capabilities such as shelving or lofted storage, or design a custom work bench with storage racks and electrical connections right where you need them. Best of all, our staff also manages everything – from design to permitting to construction – meaning that you work with us to define your ideas, and we make them a reality.

Don’t wait to get the protected parking, storage space or custom garage you’ve always dreamed of. Call Miami Valley Garage Builders today at any of our four convenient locations in Springfield, Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus to get started!

Residential Garage Construction

Make a great impression on your guests and visitors by choosing Miami Valley Garage Builders for your construction services.  Contact Miami Valley Garage Builders at (937) 964-1936 to request a quote or discuss your project.

Garage Design

In addition to offering garage construction, we offer quality garage design services. Our staff schedules a consultation to discuss your ideas and plans for your own garage. Give us a call at 937-964-1936 to request a quote or discuss your project.